Two performances i presented in 2012 and 2014 that were videotaped. 'Nada" and

"295 pieds"

"El Palo del Ahorcado" is a short film from 2016. It is the voice of 5 people, all victimes of the Colombian conflict.

"Nada" - Performance 2014, 

NADA - Alejandra Pizarnik

El viento muere en mi herida.

Le vent meurt dans ma blessure

La noche mendiga mi sangre.

La nuit mendie mon sang

295 Pieds - Performance 2012

Short film of 20 min shooted at Ciudad Bolivar, one of the biggest slums in Bogota - Colombia. 2016 - 2017


A historic peace agreement between the guerrillas (FARC ) and the Colombian government was signed in September 2016. A shocking change for a country living in war and violence for over 50 years.

Those years of conflic achieved, among other devastating results, with a very high rate of displacement. 

People living in urban areas (particularly farmers, indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities) have been forced to flee war and seek refuge elsewhere. This was the unfortunate reality that more than 650,000 people currently living in Ciudad Bolivar faced: displaced by the conflict, they seek for a new home in Bogota and have settled in the mountains of the south of the city.


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