"Chorégraphier les Émotions" - Fondation EDF

Art Workshops based on the exhibition "Coup de Foudre" by Nathalie Talec and Francis Hyber. An introduction to performance Art.

Art Workshops - ENAC association PARIS

Art and plastic arts

Children and teenagers (5 - 15)

From 2017 till now

Art workshops - Ludwick Primary schools in PARIS

Optical Illusions

Children (5 - 12 years old)

From 2017 till now

Art workshops - ASC4F École de quatre fils PARIS

Visual arts / Artistic expression

Children (5 - 8 years old)

From 2018 till now

Guided visits and Art Worshops - Ludwick - VERSAILLES

Ateliers "Arts en scène" 

School groupes

2 weeks in September 2018



Skype : valerievial

Art en Scène - Versailles

Guided visit and art and stage workshop